This is just poetry. It won't save you, but it may locate you so that a rescue party can be sent out. — Dean Blehert

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I miss having a woman in my bed.
What a strange thing to miss. How is it
that my bed, so simple, functional and complete,
can shape for me the infinitely baroque
complexities and irrelevancies
of a woman's absence?

by Dean Blehert
Posted by Pam Blehert
Comment: This is an example of how time (the great charlatan) can make liers of us. There were times when Dean and I were separated by travel necessity, but not now. Plenty of woman in his bed (in fact 50 extra lbs of woman!) But i like this poem. It's an example of the quirky way he looks at things. (Note: I'm posting to Dean's blog because he' so busy!)

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