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Friday, January 30, 2009

Poet's Nightmare # 2807

A triumph! Even my most trifling poems
go over well--"BEAUTIFUL!"--CLAP CLAP
CLAPPITY CLAP--the applause led,
I notice, by the fierce-eyed gaunt man,
second-row-left, who, afterwards, corners me,
heartily shakes my hand and tells me how
terrific my poems are and that he is the
reincarnation of Jesus Christ, Commander
and Chief of the Galactic Fleet, etc.
(Reader! Where ARE you!)

Note: This did happen at a reading I gave. Poetry readings are usually small enough affairs that one loud applauder can ignite an audience (as one person coughing sparks coughs all over the room), and give the poet the impression he's a tremendous hit. When the source of all this adulation reveals himself (leaning close, with awful and relentless breath) as [here enter your favorite clever expression for "nuts" that is also somehow politically correct]--when that occurs, it's a let-down. It shouldn't be. It's a sign that the poet's communication is powerful. Otherwise why this attempt to grab a share of it? That's what is going on here. This guy is a vacuum for power, and sucks up to it, trying to have some.

Of course, if he's less obviously nuts, seeming to be just an intelligent person who likes your work, he can be more dangerous. He can come into your life with "constructive criticism" and promise of introduction to important people and leave you feeling sucked as dry as a month-old orange peel.

REGARDING EMAILS: The next week or so I'm going to have almost no time for e-mail, though I'll keep sending poems. I simply won't be able to answer all your e-mails for about a week. Eventually I will.

Dean Blehert

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