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Monday, April 6, 2009

The Loud Drunk

The loud drunk on the corner
thinks he's wise because of
all he's been through.

He'd be wise if he ever got through
what he's been through.

[Note: The wisdom of a victim generally consists of all the reasons why nothing could have been done about it, somehow a comforting thought. Some of the wise things I've learned from victims -- including my own vacations from creating my own dreams to spend a few days or years turning all that over to what everyone knows or to experts or to the weather -- include:

there's nothing that can be done about anything;

everyone's screwed up, so you can't trust anyone;

not only can't you always have what you want, but you always can't have what you want;

you can't fight city hall;

to hell with 'em all;

none of 'em ever understood me

and much much more!]

Dean Blehert
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