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Thursday, May 14, 2009


Who gets money from a PAC?
Guys in office never lack.
Nice to be an incumbent,
With campaigns thus income-bent.

Notes: A PAC is a Political Action Committee, a means of raising funds for election campaigns. In campaigns these days, the candidate who can raise the most money usually wins, especially at the federal level, where campaigns are extremely expensive. Usually this favors the incumbents (those already in office) over the challengers. The big contributors want to bet on the right horse, and feel safest backing the guy already in office, unless he has badly offended them. A campaign that's "income-bent" is both inclined (bent) toward or aimed at bringing in money and perhaps perverted ("bent") by the process.

Even if I didn't believe in the views implied (and I do), I'd have written this poem just as a setting for the pun (incumbent, income-bent). That's just the sort of poet I am--pun-bent. How sad!

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