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Friday, February 20, 2009


"It's an amulet--it protects my spirit."
But how can she HAVE a spirit?
Didn't we outlaw slavery?

No wonder we seldom meet
spirits who are free--every body
HAS one.

And since we're on the subject of the "amulet" (a small amu?), here's an old one of mine about the danger of fancy foreign pronunciations that reek of NPR fund-raising -- this might result in your having to eat an amulet. [Note: An umlaut is two dots placed over a letter, as often happens to the letter "o" in German, giving it a sort of eheow sound, just a tiny bit rounder than the "a" in amulet.]

Little Homily

If you umlaut the "o", ordering omelet,
Your waiter may bring an old amulet,
To eat which would surely humiliate
Your date, whose hot scorn would quite immolate
Your umlauted dignity. Emulate,
When in Rome, simple Romans--else ambulate
Elsewhere. That's all to my homilette.

Dean Blehert
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