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Monday, February 23, 2009


Lime: That's what you put corpses in.
It eats them up. What, then,
is the effect on artists
of limelight?

[Note: Curious that the lime that eats corpses is called "quick lime." Why not "dead lime"?

When I wrote this poem, I had the vague idea that I was punning--that "limelight" had to do with the green fruit, maybe was green-tinged. But not so, says the dictionary. The "limelight" of fame is light generated by some chemical process involving the same lime into which the murderer submerges the embarrassing corpse.

Lime the fruit (acid) and lime the caustic substance (alkaline) are not from the same root. As for Liam the Neeson...well, that pun is lame, not lime. (Besides, the name is taken.) (Liam stars in the movie "Taken.") These puns are all lame, and far from sub-lime. (Yet another root.)]

[Oh, all right, if you insist, I'll be famous. I guess someone's got to be. So go ahead, make me famous. Go ahead, Fame, eat me up!]

Dean Blehert
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