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Thursday, February 19, 2009


Peace talks?
Peace is a puppet.
Money, the ventriloquist,

[Note: These days politicians never just talk. They talk "frankly and openly." And sometimes the talks are "frank, open and productive." I'd write a poem about that, but why try to upstage that level of absurdity? It's more fun to watch the talking heads and wonder into what orifice the hidden puppeteers' hands are inserted. That would explain, if the puppeteer is money, why we speak of "dirty money."]

I'm tired of all these political remarks, so here's something different:

SHH! Don't Tell Anyone!

The movie critic says it's a bad movie,
inane, one-dimensional, infantile, etc.
Before I read the review,
I saw the movie, and,
(how embarrassing!)
enjoyed it.

Dean Blehert
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